Updating a specific row in sql

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Microsoft Access is entry-level database management software.

It is not only an inexpensive but also powerful database for small-scale projects.

MS Access uses the Jet database engine which utilizes a specific SQL language dialect (sometimes referred to as Jet SQL).

MS Access comes with the professional edition of MS Office package.

A synonym is used to reference a table or view by another name.

The other name can then be written in the application code pointing to test tables in the development stage and to production entities when the code is migrated.

My SQL Supports many different platforms including Microsoft Windows, the major Linux distributions, UNIX, and Mac OS X.

This is automatically the case when you extract the distribution archive with sub-directories.

You can choose to display a single-page version of the HTML help (easier to search) or a multi-page version of the help that is easier to navigate.

This can be changed in the options dialog, that is accessible from will display the online manual for the current DBMS (if there is one).

Where possible the link will display the manual that corresponds to the version of the current connection.

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