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According to The Hill, the bill also could trigger $US25 billion worth of Medicare cuts.It'll have broad implications on all of America — particularly Trump supporters — but the sheer speed at which it's making its way through Congress means many voters won't know how much it affects them before it passes.Zeldin said in his email.“I think Roy Moore should step aside,” he continued. According to Five Thirty Eight, a polling company, Mr. It was recently reported in The New York Times that this rebellion led House Speaker Paul Ryan to cancel a fundraising event for Mr. The two bills now must be reconciled in a conference committee to make them identical, then be voted on again by each chamber.“I will continue to be an independent voice, which means that on some issues I will agree with leadership of my own party and on other issues I will not agree with them regardless of the consequences,” Mr. Isn't it nice that our representative is in the pocket of the oligarchs?Bannon is on the payroll of the prime movers of this hideous tax bill, the Koch Brothers. He is the author of "The Great Depression: America, 1929-1941" and currently at work on a novel.“There are two ideas of government,” William Jennings Bryan declared in his 1896 “Cross ..of Gold” speech.African elephants are endangered under the Endangered Species Act, but permits can be handed out if the hunting actually benefits conservation.3.Another mass shooting — this time in rural California — left five dead.Will politicians be subjected to the same standards?Because we may well be on the brink of an avalanche of allegations against some of the most powerful men in the world. Women feel empowered to speak about incidents — a grope, a forced kiss, a hand between the thighs and worse, abuses of power that until now have been tolerated and ignored while women who have spoken up have been disbelieved, maligned and punished.

Zeldin’s chief of staff, Eric Amidon, credits these two areas of commonality as the impetuses that led to their first meeting when Mr. They are not in perfect harmony on every issue, as the recent allegations of sexual assault against Roy Moore, the Republican candidate for U. Bannon, on the other hand, plans to travel to Alabama to actively campaign for the ex-judge.

And yet, such allegations against Donald Trump didn't stop him from getting elected.

One, who was 14 while he was in his early 30s and a district attorney, says he touched her through her underwear.

He should step aside and let someone take his spot on the ballot who doesn’t prey upon young teenage girls as a grown man.”Mr.

Zeldin tweeted: “It’s about time for that creepy Roy Moore dude to exit stage left.

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