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“What this demonstrates is that there is an important pastoral role for LDS leaders to play in caring for those who have been impacted by sexual assault or abuse,” Hawkins said.Madeline Mac Donald, a former BYU student who was one of two women who triggered the changes by coming forward about her experience, said she understands why victims look for spiritual reassurance from religious leaders.For instance, BYU students reported that alcohol was rarely used by victims or alleged attackers.That makes the school quite different from other campuses.SHEATH also partners with non-Harvard organizations that aim to foster positive discussions surrounding sex.Good Vibrations, an adult-entertainment store located in Harvard Square, will collaborate with Harvard Sex Week again this year for three events.That led to the interval review that not only changed the policy, but spurred the hiring of a victim advocate to provide confidential counseling for victim.

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” and ends a myth-busting panel titled “If I Have Sex Will I Get Pregnant and Die?When it was reported, the most common place was to local Mormon church leaders.About one in five students who said they suffered assaults didn’t report them to officials because they were worried about being disciplined under the school’s strict honor code that bans drinking and premarital sex, found the survey completed by 12,600 students this last spring.A series of discussions and panels will explore everything from consent to sex toys and sexually transmitted infections as part of the College's seventh annual Sex Week.This program is coordinated by the student-run group Sexual Health Education and Advocacy Throughout Harvard, SHEATH, along with a variety of partners.

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