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Thus, while in sexual populations, two parents contribute to produce one progeny, in asexual populations, a single individual produces one progeny.

Another way to view the 2-fold cost of sex is that in sexual populations, one parent transmits only one-half of their genes to any given progeny, whereas in asexual reproduction, the full genome complement is transmitted from parent to progeny.

From left to right are sexual hyphae of the chytridiomycete The recent Fungal Tree of Life project supports the Chytridiomycota and Zygomycota as early-diverged fungi (124, 177), although the two lineages are not monophyletic (122, 282).

Animals and fungi evolved from a single-celled and flagellate ancestor, from which the choanoflagellate outgroup to the metazoans also descends (151).

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