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Miracle Method of East Dallas can give your bathroom or kitchen a makeover in just days, saving you a huge amount of money and aggravation.Miracle Method’s proprietary process will provide you with a durable surface that will withstand the test of time, at a fraction of the cost to completely replace your kitchen and/or bath fixtures.

Trying to tackle these projects on your own also has its own set of issues.For big jobs, a power sander can cut down considerably on the tedium.You can sand by hand at about 100 to 200 strokes per minute, but a power tool can whip out 6000 to 8000 strokes in the same time frame.We can make worn and/or dated bathtubs, vanities, kitchen countertops, and bathtub surrounds look updated & new, in the Dallas area.We can help you remodel your bathroom or kitchen, so that you’ll be excited to show them to your friends and family!

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