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The thicker fluids are made from a clear seaweed extract called carrageenan, which is also used in ice cream and milkshakes.

Though the band's mainstream popularity declined by the end of the 1990s, Gwar has retained a dedicated cult following.

Another trademark of Gwar's live show is their mutilations of celebrities and figures in current events. Lordi, Sarah Palin, Snooki, Mitt Romney, Pope Francis, Justin Bieber, Tony Abbott, Donald Trump and many others.

The band also makes frequent references to political and historical figures, fantasy literature, and mythology. Lovecraft themes (Antarctica, Yig, Giant Penguins, Fleshy Insanities, etc.).

Dave Brockie was the vocalist and bassist for a punk band named Death Piggy that staged mini-plays and used crude props to punctuate their often ridiculous music.

Bands would occasionally practice in a room at the Richmond Dairy, a deserted bottling plant that had been taken over by hippies.

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