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Civil rights restored automatically for first-time offenders upon completion of sentence; those convicted of two or more felonies may regain rights only through judicial set-aside or pardon.

Federal offenders are eligible for relief, but those convicted in other states are not.

Public hearing required, with reasons given; separate paper procedure for restoration of rights. 500 full pardons each year, plus more than 2000 rights restorations.

Judicial expungement & sealing: No authority to expunge or seal adult convictions.

Loss & restoration of civil rights: Vote depends on state law for both state and federal offenders.

Federal jury eligibility is lost upon conviction in state or federal court of a crime punishable by more than one year if a person’s “civil rights have not been restored.” The Constitution does not prevent individuals from holding federal office after conviction of any crime. (Section 925 has not been funded since 1990.) Pardon policy & practice: President decides; no reporting or notice requirement.

However, no sealing of non-conviction records unless mistaken identity or false accusation proven beyond reasonable doubt.

Non-conviction records are generally unavailable to the public without the consent of the subject of the record.Records of most delinquency adjudications sealed two years after final discharge.Expungement of non-conviction records of non-violent felony and misdemeanor charges, including cases where charges were dismissed after successful completion of a drug court program, mental health court program, diversion program or veteran’s court program.There is an administrative fee of 0, and if the prosecutor or victim object a hearing shall be held.Proceedings expunged “shall be deemed never to have occurred,” except that they must be disclosed to any government regulatory or licensing agency, any utility and its agents and affiliates, or any bank or other financial institution.

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