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What makes this plot work is that most people place great confidence in cashier’s checks.

Cashier’s checks are generally considered much safer than personal checks, since they are issued by financial institutions that have already verified the existence of sufficient funds.

The counterfeit cashier’s check scam has found a way to disguise this red flag.

Seitz advises everyone who receives a cashier's check as payment to call the issuing bank and make sure it authorized that check.Unfortunately, this scam can harm innocent citizens twice.Under some state laws, the bank may be considered the actual victim of the crime, while the citizen is may be viewed as the perpetrator for passing the counterfeit check."In the past we would have taken a cashier's check from any bank across the nation without question.All banks have been accustomed to treating cashier's checks as cash. Everyone has to take some safeguards." The FDIC is receiving reports of several fake cashier's checks each month.

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