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He then doused his victim in kerosene and set him alight.During the attack Regar said to the camera that Muslims 'face the same fate' if they carry out love Jihad.He said: 'The outfits are traditional Muslim-Bangladeshi outfits.Everyone wears them for a wedding at home.'I told Sean I thought it would be very nice to wear them and he agreed.'Also, they look very pretty.'Sean is considering converting to Islam.

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The axeman, understood to be a Hindu targeting Muslims guilty of so called 'love jihad', recorded himself stalking the man before brutally cutting him down with a machete and then setting him alight.'Love jihad' is a term used by religious radicals in India to accuse Muslims of marrying Hindu women in order to convert them.Lasting more than four minutes, the appalling attack involved the man hacking at labourer Afrazul Khan with a machete and pickaxe before speaking to the camera.Shambhu Lal Regar (left) of Rajisthan, hacked labourer Afrazul Khan with a machete and pickaxe before setting him alight (right)The man attacking him, identified as Shambhu Lal Regar, was seen beating the victim, repeatedly hitting him with the axe before reaching for a billhook machete and delivering a potentially fatal blow.The mosque he'd been attending for the past 15 years no longer allowed him in and he was physically attacked by other Muslim boys.Feeling ostracised, Mr Choudhury attempted to kill himself.

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