Lic home loan repayment online dating

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The timing of loan prepayment could be based on this calculation.

In another such post on the website, a borrower has expressed shock that despite paying Rs 19,800 every month for two years (on a loan of Rs 20,39,400), his outstanding is still a high Rs 20,20,000.That is why it is different for each bank."As banks review their base rates at least once a quarter, floating rates may go up (or down) based on the call taken by each bank," says Brijesh Parnami, CEO, distribution, Destimoney Enterprises, which provides mortgage-related advice to retail customers.The base rate may change but the bank cannot alter the spread or the margin at which it has offered loans to existing customers.Is it a way to 'fleece' customers who they think are stuck with them?Loans by banks are linked to their base rates (below which they cannot lend).

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