Dating rachel 2 walkthrough

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"Welcome back to Arcadia Bay, Max..." - The following page, Rachel Amber, refers to content from Life Is Strange, an episodic game developed by DONTNOD Entertainment, Deck Nine Games and published by Square Enix. Prior to 2013, she began her attendance at Blackwell and met Arcadia Bay resident, Chloe Price.

The two later formed a close friendship and planned to run away together to Los Angeles.

2nd step is condom, fastest way to do it is by talking to frank, ask him for a condom, he will say you have feelings for him.

Go outside and behind the hot tub there is a patch of soft dirt, use the broom on it, then use the speaker.Name : David | Comment Date : August 26th, 2017 You can get Ashley to be embarrassed by putting clear eyes into her soda before giving it to her, lock all bathroom doors first…She won’t do any BJ though Name : Henry | Comment Date : December 31st, 2017 Any 1st step is to get a old credit card.Give the petition to derek and you’ll get his shirt.Step 4 and the last one, there is a broom in the room with the rocking chair, go into the closet and its on your left.

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