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After 12 plus hours of permethrin I washed it wash off and applied unrefined coconut oil after wash because it helps to fight the feces and dead mites stuck underneath my skin in their burrows. Sunday was a spot treatment with permethrin as I still did not use it all.

Doctor said only one application but I prefer the side effects over the scabies mites.

You may want someone to be with you while you do this, I got a bit faint.

I drew a really hot bath, like as hot as I could handle, slowly got in and when I got used to it I added more hot water until it was only just bearable. I started researching online, and bought Durvet's horse paste ivermectin on Amazon.

The neem oil doesn't kill them outright, but as I understand it, there is something in the neem that prevents the scabies bugs from reproducing.

I put a two caps full of the oil in a hot bath, then swish in any kind of soap as a dispersant.

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