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You suspect Monica might be getting a bit infatuated. After studying the Bible, she has come to the conclusion that she divorced for selfish reasons, not biblical ones.

Because her ex-husband is remarried, Mary Ann can’t remedy this wrong.

Painfully accurate – largely because the children are allowed to make up their often hilarious and sometimes excruciatingly frank lines – the series has turned Dennis into one of the country’s best-loved performers.

Soon after the demise of that show they were given a chance on their own and came up with The Imaginatively Titled Punt And Dennis Show.‘He was becoming successful, and started being recognised in the street. I wanted to travel but instead I was stuck at home while Pete toured the comedy clubs. We just had very different senses of humour.‘We started having problems around 1991, when I realised there was something missing from our marriage. As a much put-upon father who is constantly being outwitted by his three, vegetable-hating, anarchic and lovably infuriating children, comic actor Hugh Dennis has become a television hero to the guilt-ridden middle classes throughout Britain.Dennis stars as comprehensive schoolteacher Peter Brockman in the BBC’s brilliant, semi-improvised Outnumbered, a sitcom set in a chaotic suburban home, in which two parents (Peter’s wife Sue is played by Claire Skinner) struggle – not always successfully – to cope with family life.A couple times lately, he really lost his temper and scared the kids badly. God wants us to honor marriage no matter what, right? Another friend, Monica, calls you often with complaints about her husband.It seems he can never do anything right, and you’re concerned that Monica has started to obsess about what a “man of God” your church’s new, single pastor is. Meanwhile, a third friend, Mary Ann, is consumed with guilt about the past.

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